new women friends in rehab city cairo


hey i have a friend who will be coming in september to egypt and she needs a place to stay in does any gurls here could use a room mate for 3 months thnx

if you need i can recomend!
just PM and i will send all details

Hi everyone, I have recently movd to Rehab this last September, my husband is Egyptian, and I am from the Uk !! It would be GREAT to meet some new friends, you say there is a meeting on a Wednesday morning for all expats, I would love to join you all !! 

    Hope to see you all soon
      Joanna x

Hi everyone, my name is Joanna, and have recently moved to Rehab this last September.  I am from the Uk and my husband is Egyptian.  I really love it here, and feel like it is becoming my home, but like all things it does take time !!  I would love to join folks for coffee and a get together, you mention a meeting place on a wednesday ??
     Take Care all hope to hear soon


It was very nice meeting today. Thank you Chocolata and Bumble.

Hi yes me to !!  I really enjoyed it, a GREAT crowd of ladies !!! looking forward to our next get together very soon.

   Take Care to all you ladies, and thank you for a very enjoyable day !!!


Hey u guys,
I aint a Brit. nor an Egyptian, but I'm new in town and would love to meet new friends:)

hi Maggie,
hi all ;)
i just wondering is this subject still active and people still see it ? ;) and where is this TOTA cafe exist in Rehab ?! i wish i can be there soon ;)

Welcome Backkkkkkkkkk

Hello everyone I am new here , and wish to make friends from everywhere.....

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hey guys am here

where do you live ??

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hello are u still in Rehab?

Hello Maggie I'm Tom from Germany I'm also a foreigner here and would like to meet you're children :)

Hi Tom,

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