sending money from the uk to the usa

Any idea how to make these transfers without incurring incoming transfer fees?  As I am an 'advance' customer at HSBC UK, I can avoid the actual transfer fee from HSBC UK but then Chase charges $15 per incoming international transfer.  And no one in the US seems capable of comprehending this request.  Does anyone make frequent transfers from the UK to USA and how do you make this work without making you broke?


I use PayPal.  It seems so amaturish, but really it's the best thing I have been able to find. 

I have two Pay Pal accounts (one US and one UK) and transfer a few hundred pounds each month to my US Pay Pal account and am charged only a few dollars and usually get an OK exchange rate.  It is immediately transfered to my US PayPal account and then takes 2-3 days to "withdraw" it to my actual US bank account.

You can also try  they are the company we use at work for foreign exchange, so a reputable company and very reasonable, they don't charge outrageous fees.

The best way to transfer money is via WESTERN UNION.
You will have to pay for the fees but it is very secure.

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Western Union has the worst exchange rates and it is the most expensive option even when compared to a bank transfer.

It is only handy for emergencies since it offers thousands of pick up points and it is not necessary to be an account holder for the recipient.  :dumbom:

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You’ve set up your bank account, are receiving money in shiny British sterling, and now you want to send some of it back to your US account to pay some bills, student loans, mortgage, what have you.

Your initial thought will likely be to check what products your banking institution has for you to transfer money back home.  However this isn’t always the best way to go about sending money back to America.  The fees are astronomical and you often get hit on the conversion rate as well.  There is a solution though.


By far the easiest and most cost-effective way to send money back home is Transferwise.
•Register at
•Add your UK bank account
•Add your US bank account
•Send your money!

It really is that simple, and you can send monetary amounts as small as a few pounds all the way up to the thousands.

The fees they charge are a small fraction of what you would pay at any other financial institution.

How does it work?

You may be fine just using Transferwise and letting the magic happen.  Or you may want to know a bit more about the business so you know why you should trust it.

Transferwise is a Richard Branson backed business that lets customers effectively purchase currency from your host country while a bank in your home country distributes it.  Technically, no money is actually crossing borders.
•You give Transferwise UK £5 from your UK bank account
•Transferwise US gives your US account the exchange rate equivalent of £5
•Transferwise charges your UK bank account a tiny fee.  In this case it would be £1.


The great thing about Transferwise is that it is completely transparent.  You are clearly shown what the exchange rate is at the start of the process as well as what the fee is they will charge you.

You can even have Transferwise only conduct the transaction at specific exchange rates.

This is the most easy-to-use, customer friendly financial service I have ever used.  I highly recommend it for sending money back to the US from the UK.


Western Union is expensive and terrible. Paypal is instant cheap and efficient. Paypal is safer than WU too.

I am agree with rustygecko, Western union and bank services are more expensive than others services likeTransferwise, Azimo, Worldremit... because they add hidden fees on the real exchange rate which explains the different exchange rate to transfer your money.

WorldRemit, transferwise and xend pay are the cheapest today.

I use a tool to compare the money transfer solution, it maybe can helps you

Transferwise is great. I've used it for Euros to Pouonds often.

I use western union I find its fast and reliable it also allows you to send cash without using your credit card or through your bank.

I used Transfer Go to transfer money to India and it worked great. It is legal, because Transfer go is an intermediary between banks and your money will arrive to your Indian bank account. They even gave me a coupon code to make 5 transfers for free :) The code is: ZXC but I am not sure I can share it. It worked with my wife’s TransferGo account so I guess it will work for you.


You may use PayPal or Bitcoins.
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