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Hi I am a teacher who is wondering on how  much is the cost of living in Indonesia Thanks

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I hope other members will be able to give you information on the cost of living in Indonesia.

Thanks taht will help a lot

Cost of living depends on lifestyle.
I'm here with my wife and 3 year old so that should work out expensive but not really so.

House rent - 25 million/year for a new 3+1 bed house in a secure estate.
Service bills - less than 1 million/month and nearer 500,000
Food at supermarkets (Including taxis) - 2 million/month
Other food from kaki lima stalls - 300,000/month

There are foreigners who pay 20+ million per month in rent but I'm sure they can't help being daft.

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For a simple living in Jakarta, one can live up with estimated 3 million a month.

If you choose to live in a kost (boarding house, it will only cost you from 1 million-1.2 million depending on the facilities and the room size.

For the food, if you are living alone and opt to cook, 600,000 to 1 million is fairly enough especially if you buy your groceries in the local market.

Transportation will depend on where do you go. As for me, I spend around 500,000 for a month weekly taxi fare in going to the church and to the mall.

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Single person's house in a secured and pretty new estate will cost 10 to 12 million/year. BSD/Bintaro and similar)

Cheapest street food from Rp7,000 per meal.

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Single person's house in a secured and pretty new estate will cost 10 to 12 million/year. BSD/Bintaro and similar)

Cheapest street food from Rp7,000 per meal.

Wow! 10-12 million/year for a new estate...that's a good deal.

The 10 - 12 million house is pretty common if you're outside the centre of Jakarta.
I'll snap a photo of a couple and post them here in the next few days.
I found them while I was looking for a house in BSD. Mine is a brand new 3+1 bed at 25 million/year.

Note - houses are commonly noted as 3+1. That's 3 bedrooms and a maid's bedroom (Usually very small).
Same goes for bathrooms. This is 2+1. The "1" is a squat toilet with a bucket to shower from. That's "kampung" (village) style.

for single person ,if you are living around kelapa gading,rawangmangun,cempaka putih,pulomas

fully furnished small apartment/flat with 2 bedroom : 2000000-3000000/month (included maintenance+tv cable)
fully furnished studio apartment/flat : 1250000-1750000/month (included maintenance+tv cable+electric + waterpam)
semi furnished small apartement/flatt with 2 bedroom : 14 million-18 million/year (included maintenance+tv cable)
unfurnished small apartment/flat with 2 bedroom : 8-11 million/year

not so far from busway stop for public transport,also there is shuttle bus for tenant to go to mall near by or busway stop near by

ah ya for fully furnished 2 bedroom : 18-25million/year (included maintenance+tv cable)

for food hmm so many kind of food around there, local or non local food.

start 5000 =>nasi udukkk hehehe but small size hihihi

Very useful posts so far! Thanks! Any insights on finding work over there? Or would I be better off buying a place and operating a bed and breakfast/hostel?

I foreigner can't legally own land in Indonesia. I understand some types of company can but I'm unsure so check it out first.

try to check out this]buying property for foreigner

and this]Foreign Ownership Rights

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This thread really helped me a lot here in Indonesia :)

Hello fellow expats (or soon to be),

I am moving to Jakarta at the end of this month and have been offered a job with EF Central Jakarta. After searching through various blogs, I get the impression that they aren't the best employers. I have been offered accommodation at 7million rupaih. Are they a good company to work for?
Are there better employers?
Are Wall Street or Midwest any better?
Is is worth coming and applying when here?


The cost of living in Jakarta dependent lifestyle
Some say very cheap and some say expensive.

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b.allen5494, can you tell me more about EF? 7 million for the accomodations..what did that include? what were they like? How much did ef pay? what was the overall experience like?

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Is it easy to find a job in Indonesia for a doctor? even if it is available in a small town or a village.

Hi Freinds,
I am YK from India. I am having a job offer & will be working as an expat in Jakarta in one MNC as OperationS Manager in Engg company. They have offered me net salary of USD 2850/Month(take home after tax). Apart from this they are offering me a free accommodation, a car & driver(driver is optional), children education expenses. I will be shifting with family of five(self, wife, one daughter, Father & Mother).As per cost of living in Jakarta,I need your advise whether I will be able to live comfortable life there? Will there be good saving potential with this offer.

Kindly guide me so that I can take final decision. I would appreciate your reply within next 2 days as I have to take final decision.

Best Regards
YK from India

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