Boat Ownership in Malta?

Further assistance required please!...

I am considering options of buying a boat but obviously there are bound to be a whole list of hoops to jump through before actually being able to 'set sail'!

Can anyone give me some pointers of where to start regarding licenses etc from anything from a jet ski upwards?



I dont know much about it, but i did think about buying one last year and decided against it......

but i think the laws have just changed here and anything 30hp and above you must now be licenced to use a boat and sit the navigation test too.

i suspect that even that will change again to include most boats of 25hp too.

you will clearly need a mooring for summer (sailing starts about mid may to september....then you have to get it out of the water trailer it up and then garage it or store it....prepping it for winter and for the next season with defouling a horrible job.

I opted for a sailing boat and here's what may   really need to know-
1. If you're buying a boat ensure you have a secured  berthing place
2. If you're buying new , speak to a GOOD tax advisor. Mine was of great help with regards to tax and  VAT.Being a sailor , he was also of  frank about boat agents and repute- and you need to know that from a local.
3. Yes you need a licence  but it 's pretty straight forward 2 day course and exam 2 weeks later.
With regards to the other issues , your agent /broker should help you out.

Thanks for the info. Anybody have any details of the required training courses etc?

Ta. Mike


Could you please pass me the name/cost of the place you took your course at?   Was it specific to sailing or motor as well? is it Euope wide license or Malta's ?

Thank you

Sorry for the delay in my reply :)
Here's what you need to know

Hi Mikea and Chad3512,

I know this is an old post, but did you have any luck or could you share your experience so far? :)

Hi MrCowboyEast,

It is indeed an old post! Unfortunately I left Malta some 6 years ago now sans any boat acquisition, therefore unfortunately I'm not really of any help! Sorry...

Well i'm sorry to hear about both things... But thanks for responding!

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