Warning Bank of China Credit Card Services

I want to warn all that Bank of China issued credit cards under VISA do not provide any real fraud protection.  I work for a UN agency and used my BOC card while traveling in Indonesia.  After using the card in Jakarta BOC called me and informed me that it appeared my card had been misused and there were suspicious charges in Malaysia just seconds after using the card in Jakarta.

When I returned to Beijing, Bank of China told me to file a claim against these near $1200 in fraudulent charges.  I submitted the claim and was told the charges would be removed within six months.  I had, in the meantime, to pay these charges.  I called regularly over the six month period and was told that my claim was in process.  Note most other Banks remove fraudulent charges immediately.

Strangely, after the six month period was up, I was told that I needed a police report to file the claim, despite having called over 30 times.  I tried to do this but the Beijing and Jakarta police both told me that it was not possible to issue a report for a crime that did not occur in their jurisdictions.

I tried many times after to speak to management at the Bank and was never (not once) allowed to speak to any supervisors.

I called VISA international as was told they had not responsibility for Bank level procedures of VISA cards.

So conclusions BOC will not repay fraudulent charges and they will block you from any conversations with management to resolve any issue.  I would suggest avoid this bank all together because I see no respect for the rights of customers.  There are great injustices in China and in this world but I think BOC does not deserve foreign customers since it refuses to provide any level of service to address problems.

I decide to let the money go but do want to warn others.

Richard Howard (rhowardbeijing[at]

Sorry to hear of your experience.

Just out of curiousity how did you manage to get a Chinese Bank to issue you with a Credit Card? They normally only provide foreigners with Debit Cards.

I have heard that in the rare instances when they do issue a foreigner with a credit card it is normally based on having a large amount of money deposited as a security with the bank.

Oh well I recall having my assistant fill in a form, provided passport information, information about my employment and agreed to a direct debit of monthly payments.  Found it no more difficult that banks in other countries.  I think my warning would apply to those who use debit cards as well.

You must be so frustrated - I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience! Thanks for the info, I'll steer clear :/

Sorry to hear your experience and frustration. Must be hard to deal with Bank for these matters.

That s*cks..sorry to hear of your misfortune.  Considering how miniscule the claim was for a major bank.  Why Bank of China ... Why ?!?!?!

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