Polish girl in Paris

Hello all! I'm Joanna and currently I work and live in Paris. I  would be very happy to meet new people. I like spending time in active way, doing sport, travelling, I love listening music and dancing :)

Bonjour Joanna,
I'm looking for someone to help me to improve my English and you your French. I will be happy to help you.
Do you want to drink un café in Paris next week ??

salut joanna
i am doing an internship in paris

i havent got the itme to make new friends
i am from mexico and well i like going out , have fun etc^^

Salut Chidasa et Lucto :)

For sure I want to meet with you, have new friends, imporve french exchanging with english ;)

This week I'm busy but since friday I will have time, so maybe we could meet for a cup of coffe or somewhere just to have a good time?

Waiting for answer,

bye bye, have a nice free monday! :)


Hello Joanna

Maybe if Chidasa is free soon we can meet for a coffee.

see ya soon

Salut Phil

Sure :) I propose this weekend, for example coffe somewhere around St Michel.

Who is in?

Waiting for answer or new propositions :)

Have a good day, bye bye


hi! i'm in !
st michel sounds good, what time? this sat?

good :)

Saturday or sunday is the same good.
What about hour. Well polish people meet for coffe at any time! :)
I propose to meet around 5 pm on saturday.

Waiting for answer or other propositions and more people of course! :)


hi, at any time? so 6am this sat? haha

5pm  sounds good. now where exactly?

cafe oz at denfert?

see ya

I can assure that coffe at 6 am tastes really good :)

Oki, so this saturday at 5 pm Cafe Oz

Cafe Oz
8 Boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris

Metro 8, Grands Boulevards Station

If someone else want to join, you are welcomed! :)

see you


hi im dany i would like to meet u
call me at 0637306810 see u
u r lovely

hello Dany!

you can meet me as I wrote on saturday afternoon in Cafe Oz :)

see you!


I tought about Café OZ Denfert Rochereau at Denfert Rochereau Metro/RER Station

3, place Denfert-Rochereau
75014 Paris

It prefer this one :) bigger than the others

Is that ok for you guys?


Bonjour Phil!

Yes, for me it's ok. If the coffe will be the same good I'm in :)

So to all who want to join, saturday (18.06) 5 pm at Cafe Oz.

See you! :)

Have a good day


coffe? don't know they got very gooz australian beers :D

Come on guys! come to cafe Oz this Sat!

Hi everyone! I'm really upset I missed this chain beer sounded great! How was it...and more importantly, could we have a meet up again say next weekend?

Let me know!

Hello Emilie Madeleine :)

It was small meeting, only me and Phil. But I think/ hope that next time will be more people. Beginnings are always hard ;)

We can meet this weekend or next one. I can propose sushi, I know good place near Champs Elysee or something else if you don't like this kind of food.

so I open new question who want to meet? ;)

Have a good day!


Hello Emilie Madeleine, how are you doing?

It's was just Joanna and I for the meeting because of the rain? :D

Joanna, sushi sounds good :D

if people are free this weekend, i'm in

I have a thought. what do you think about July 14th for Bastille Day. attend to the military parade on the Champs-Élysées then Picnic?

see ya soon


Hejka :)

With weekend, this time maybe we will wait for others.

Bastille Day & picnic sound interesting if it won't be so rainy like now. In polish I would say 'witamy w krainie deszczowców' :)

I'm waiting for you people :)

Have a good day!



Hope to see more people!

And for bastille day, hope for a nice weather!
It's summer and rainy!! :(

see ya all

Hi there!
Nobody else for the picnic?

Cześć! :)

I think that till 14.07 people will answer ;)

I'd like to suggest sushi on sunday, near Champs Elysee (metro: Georges V) for example at 4 pm. Who is in?

Have a nice friday! :)


I'm in!
what's the sushi bar name?

come on !! we're waiting for you guys!!

Hello hello :)

I was in this sushi bar few times but don't remember the name and street :P
I suggest to meet by metro Georges V (left side of street Champs Elysee, when you have Arc de Triomphe on back :]).

See you at 4 pm!

ps. if someone is really looking for nice people like we are, they will write someday! ;)


Just ended up in this post by curiosity but you guys should have done another post for the meeting so I would have seen it earlier and might have come! Haha
Maybe that's why nobody replied?

Hi DSonla! :)

Yes you are right, we agreed with Phil too that we have to write clear post ab meeting next time. Indeed 'Polish girl in Paris' doesn't sounds like invitation for a pizza :P

btw today it was really good music event on La Defence :)

Hope see you soon, bye bye :)


Oh yeah!

The Jazz festival!
I wanted to go there but I had a busy weekend! :/
There was Georges Clinton and Emir Kuturisca! I'm so pissed! :(

Yes Jazz Festival! with really good atmosphere :)


hey all

hi, you can join me also on fb!

hi joanna,
i am paul from india.i have just joined here so not much aware of whats going on at the moment.all the posts i can see is on whats the present situation!can we meet for a cup of coffe or anything else of better recomandation!

witaj ja tez mieszkam we frnacji nieco dalej mozemy zasze porozmawiac.

Hi nowy2307!

As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?


hi there Emilie im salman i run back and forth from london to france, yes! it would be great if you want to meet up next month in paris you can select the place or in la manch area? depending which direction im going?

oh emilie i will put up my photo when i get a minute?
regards salman

oh just to let all know i sing at my friends restaurant /club in london knightsbridge its great fun we get famouse singers and actors from time to time its a great fun,

hi its me again salman (i bet it shows im new to this but its gona be fun)
if you guys are in london for the day the restaurant is ciros pizza pomodoro,50/51 beachump place sw1 next to harrods the big posh shop?
and girls and guys ! if theres any good live music cafe/restaurant or entertainment place you know? u
can let me know and we can all have a meet up?
regards to all (salman)

hi girls and guys anyone there?
salmerc ?

hi there my name is salmerc
are you still active as i tried to reach out to all but there doesent seem to be anyone around?
regards salmerc

Hello Salmerc -> To note that this not a chat room. ;)

Thank you,

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