Hello we are Dave and Tania and we are thinking about moving to Sevastopol, after Dave's retirement. Are there any  Brits out there ????

Hi and welcome to the forum Dave and Tania :)

Maybe you could check the British expatriates in Ukraine network ;)



We are Mike and Luda. Not Brits but Americans. We too are planning on retiring to my wife's birth city of Sevastopol in 2015.

I too am looking for the details of doing this. We try to travel back there every spring. Does your wife come from Sevastopol?

Mike & Luda

Hello , yes Tania is from Sevastopol. It is why we are thinking about relocation there

dobriden dave tania
sure there are some brits here!
at-present me/lyudmila/bertie are living here near ternopil but we holiday alot like all ukrainians in krim!
hope you make your move, you can check us out at...
holbeach on the way 2 sunny hunny maybe thats because im a peterborough lad!

not far away, medvedevo nr. chornomorsk.


Good day, Dave...

I saw your post on form 2011.  Are you in Sevastopol?  I have some interest in moving to Sevastopol and working for a year.  Any thoughts you may recommend.  You seem to be a good source for asking this question.  Currently, I live in Texas here in the U.S.

Thank you much,

Todd Owens

Hi  twowens,

Those members might no more answer you as they might no more be active on the Ukraine forum.



Expat-blog team.

Hi Dave and Tania

yes there are a few brits there, but most have left, and know live in Odessa

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