Moving to Puerto Vallarta

Hello, I am leaving Redondo Beach, Ca. on June 15
and moving to Puerto Vallarta. I've been visiting there for
years, and have some amazing friends who have a home
there, where I will stay until I find my own place. Big
decision, but I am excited! Glad to meet you!

Hi huzzah50!

Welcome to :)


you will really love living has its own charm as a resident and living day to day! Enjoy..I miss it like crazy!

That is awesome!  I plan to move just north of Puerto Vallarta...keep in touch and let us know how it goes, so exciting!

Radita My Sayulita Dream Blog - about my journey moving to Mexico

Hello Radita and huzzah50, welcome to!:)

I hope that you will tell us more about your Adventure soon.


You will love it!!! PV and the Bahía de Banderas are a fantastic place to live. I am enjoying this area since more than three years.
Have a wonderful time in PV.

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