infertility treatment

Hi, can you suggest if there is gud hospital providig ICSI treatment for infertily.

In which country?


Hello Anju Sharmaa,I do hope you were able to meet Dr Obura Agakhan hospital,Agakhan does offer that,also A Dr Noreh is good,there is also medi hill hospital in Eldoret regards Roger

Hi, ya we met Dr oburura.. he told us to meet Mr morege...
when we met dr morege he suggested us IUI. I am worried about that line of treatment as i heard that IUI is not successful and it led to more stress in life...

kindly suggest.

We offer all fertility Treatment & Medications at our Specialty Centre in 5th Avenue Building.

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Thanks Dr Angela for the info,it could help someone
have a lovely day

where is this place ...can u give me the complete address.

DrAngelaKidambi :

We offer all fertility Treatment & Medications at our Specialty Centre in 5th Avenue Building.

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Dont know if you have already been able to get comfortable with a specialist, but DR. Noreh at Nairobi IVF Centre is really good.
He is located in Landmark Plaza, opp. Nairobi Hospital.

Good luck,


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Hi ladies, yes I agree with some of you here. Dr Noreh of Nairobi IVF Centre is the best. Am holding a little cutie now thanks to the treatment we received. She is 6 weeks old already. The clinic is located in Landmark Plaza opp. Nairobi hospital.

Mediheal Fertility Centre Opposite Aga Khan Highridge.

Heading thea really nervous

How many times did yy try

For the 1st time, the waiting time could be long but when you meet the Dr Noreh, things moove fast...... The first time it did not work for me. And I never gave up on prayers too. My baby is 6 months old now. She is just adorable.
Good luck to you.

Have you ever try any good herbalist?If you wish to contact me Frankkoffi22[at]

Please advise me my doctor referred me to doctor muraya agha khan for ivf

i need a chil asap. How can I  increase my chances

Hi Noramabel01,
I also need a child. How much was the cost of this?

I have 5 % motility pse is there prescription for increasing my motility

I want to see a good gynaecologist. Several unexplained miscarriages

Hello MelCheers,

You can try to have a look in the Business Directory section- Gynecologists in Nairobi and try to have an appointment.



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Hi Guys! It seems there are active member here who knows and can help me. I am currently doing some information gathering for the Egg Donation procedure which me and my husband decided to undergo. We've been trying to have a child but the problem is on my part so we decided to undergo egg donation, most of friends told me that India has more success rate in terms of fertility treatment. So we did some research and found the medical tourism website named PlacidWay. The company then referred us to International Fertility Center in India and gave us a quote, the cost is $7,000 (IVF Cycle with Egg Donor) I  just ask for a quote and didn't gave them the assurance that I will have the procedure in their center. So what do you think is it a reasonable price? I am just being practical and don't want to waste my money and time so I am digging deeper before proceeding.

Hi! The best specialist in infertility in Nairobi is Dr Kireki Omanwa. Just came back from London in ARGC that has the highest results in the world! Very nice guy. You can ask all the questions in the world and he will patiently answer them. He is at 5th Ngong Avenue. Phone: 0708051799
Good luck!

Hi Niyikiza,

Could you please recommend in the business directory : Health in Nairobi ?

Thank you in advance,

Professional in infertility in Nairobi

I would go to Dr Kireki Omanwa. tel: 0708051799.
The Gynae, I have seen so far.
Good luck.


Know of their rates at mediheal? I would appreciate some feedback as I intend to visit them soon

Hello Shixkapienga,

We had a very bad experience at a Mediheal clinic.  My daughter was admitted for a night.  They charged for a whole battery of tests.  About 1/3 of these were not actually carried out (including an ultrasound scan).  For example, they had billed us for a better of urine tests, but hadn't taken a urine sample!  My daughter was quite drowsy, but not unaware.

The rest of the results were completely invalid, as there was absolutely no way that a living person could produce them (I subsequently had them analysed as I was suspicious).  The one test that was absolutely essential, they failed to carry out at all, despite my specifically asking for it to be carried out.

I managed to evidence that one or two of the tests had not been carried out and got the bill slightly reduced.  However many of the tests that Mediheal charged for would not have been necessary in any case.  However, by 'doing' the tests, they managed to turn an initial bill of about Ksh 4000 into one for Ksh 14000 or so. 

I cannot possibly recommend a medical facility which is prepared to go to such an extent in the interests of making money over the interest of the patient.

Yes one in Ukraine

Hi, everyone)

Please, help me to find a good clinic in Nairobi in order to get a consultation according to IVF treatment! Which clinic did you use and how much the cost was?

Currently my husband and I are ready to undergo IVF treatment. Nearly 4 months ago we have visited biotexcom in Ukraine and got the consultation there. But neither I nor my husband didn’t like this place. I mean the experts there are quite good and the price (around 30k euros) was really attractive. But we didn’t ready to waste our time in biotexcom`s lines. I understand that IVF doesn’t guarantee a quick and positive result at once. Moreover, it is a hard and exhausting process but we want at least somehow to spare our nerves. We don’t want to have any stress during the treatment because it can influence the outcome.

Thanks to everyone

Aghakhan Hospital.

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