Question on Iqama Documentation Requirements etc..

Hi all,

I have received my work visa here in the US and it does state engineer. My degree was not attested by the Saudi Cultural Mission but I was able to obtain my work visa.

My question is without my degree being attested will I have an issue when I get into the Kingdom in obtaining my iqama then second getting my family visa completed?

What are the steps to obtain my iqama once I get in Kingdom (i.e documentation needed etc...) and also what are the steps for obtaining my family visa? I have read several posts but there are different answers. Is there anyone out there who has gone through the process this year (2011)?

I am not confident in my HR group in Saudi if they run into issues with any part of the iqama process so I just want to understand the process so I can assist them with my contacts if necessary.

I sincerely appreciate the responses in advance.


Also, I understand that engineers now have to register with the Saudi Council of Engineers is this also true? Did some more searching and it seems this is true. Lots of confusing information out there

Hi Marc,

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I hope other members will be able to advise you.

dude they will let you come in the kingdom but without your degree attested they will not register you with the council and without that you cannot apply for the iqama, further you will be unable to go back since you would probably be on a a single visit entry visa. that means someone will have to get your degree attested in your country for you... save yourself the trouble and get the degree attested yourself along with other documents like, your experience certificates, etc                ask someone who has come on a similar work visa recently. since the above mentioned is true for doctors.

more importantly work fast since you have only 3 months to get all papers once your passport gets stamped
feel free to contact me if you want more info.

good luck

Thanks for the reply.

If I do not have my degree attested and I arrive in kingdom basically it will be a wasted trip and I would have to head back to the states as I would not be able to obtain my iqama. Is that the case?

I have heard and read so many different things that I just want to know 100% for sure one way or the other before I get on the plane and waste the companies time trying to obtain something they would not be able to obtain


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