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I am willing to import my car from the UK, it is a porsche Boxster 2.7 L petrol year 2008. However, i am unsure if the duty is at 100% or more. I heard from unconfirmed source that the customs will assess the car according to its real nominal value in Mauritius though more than 100% duty could be paid. In that case, am prepare to pay for the 100% duty as per requested. If anyone could inform me more about imported car. Also note that the car is already a second hand car and assessing the car value in Mauritius would be unlikely all because the first new vehicle appeared in the country in 2009.

My question.
Is the duty only at 100% for imported 1600cc + cars or does it differ because of brand rigth now at the moment in Mauritius.

I shall be grateful for valid info.

Thank you.

Dubzy, B

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it depends if you qualify as a returning citizen or not:

if returning citizen, then you have to pay a duty of 15% + 15% Vat on the valuation of your car by MRA (Mauritius Revenue Authority). You can ask for a valuation by just emailing them and they will give you an INDICATIVE valuation. The final valuation will only be when they see the car physically.
Be warned - the valuation is based on how much will a your cost to purchase in Mauritius, meaning that the valuation will be a lot more than the car's actual value in Mauritius.

If you are not a returning citizen, then you will have to be 100% duty.

Please have a look at the MRA website.

I have decided not to bring my 2 cars in Mauritius, as as returning citizen, I qualify for a duty-free new car. So, it makes more sense to buy the car in Mauritius.

Good luck!

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