Looking for a job in Kaunas, Lithuania

I'm a foreigner just moved to live in Kaunas, Lithuania. I still haven't acquired the Lithuanian language, as it requires more time. My specialty: economist - international economic relations.

I'm good as well in web design, have skills of generating innovative ideas (I like the marketing), leadership. I have a 4 year experience of doing business in web design. I have some interesting business ideas, that will bring money.

My language skills: romanian, russian (very good), english and french (good).

If somebody looks to employ a person with such skills, I'd be glad to receive your proposals.
If you have contacts of people that could be interested to read this post, please, send them the link.

Are you still in Kaunas?  Did you find employment?

i'm a graduated student..wanna do a job for my further studied bcoz m a foreign student.

Hi Pharon,

Maybe you could help me with your web design & Romanian skilss. I have a website for Romanians that need some help.

Please get in touch...

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