Just moved to Nairobi - looking for friends

hello beautiful people,i see there would be a great meetup soonest,i love making new friends and exchanging different cultures,ideas and experiences,hence when arranging one,kindly inbox me,will be glad to attend,

hey there,
how are you doing?so far how is life in kenya...where are you from??
am ian,a kenyan and wouldn't mind to know you and show also show you the city..

am a travel consultant by proffession but not doing any marketing.lol..just being friendly...email me if interested..


iwill be in nairobi 23th just email me on xxxx or facebook.

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i wish to be your friend

anyone around nairobi??

Hello sangaka,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

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welcome to nairobi

Welcome to kenya guys

Hello everyone !

I am a French student who looks for a flatshare from March to July 2017.

I will attend for 4 monts an internship, and I want this experience in Kenya awesome !

I love sports, music, partying, traveling, meeting people ... all those cool stuff we can enjoy !

I do not have numerous criteria, despite an individual room and cool people sharing the flat !

I look forward to hearing from you and talking on skype !

A bientôt ;)

Welcome Champo. Nairobi is unlimited to fun. Hope in your we will once meet.

Welcome to kenya.

Welcome to kenya Champo......Will be pleasure doing business and having fun whenever necessary.Cheers.

Hello :) I am also new in nairobi :)

Call me brother ;)

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Hi, am located in Lavington and am looking for friends:)

hey you can contact me do you use fb

hey welcome you can contact me

This is good to know.

How about Love in The Wild? We can all meet and catch up at Karura Forest and have breakfast on weekends, who is in?

Did the breakfast take place? If it did, we can always organize another one for people to get to know each other

Cool! :-D

I am a native Kenyan, but I welcome you all expats to enjoy our lovely country (minus the political shenanigans) 😁

If any of you want to make friends, feel free to chat me up via my inbox. I can share contact info there. Otherwise, KARIBU KENYA!

Thank you or should I say, asante sana!


Morning every one :) I am here since April, and really I enjoyed my second home Nairobi :), Please if there is an outing soon or at the weekend I would appreciated to meet new people. have a nice day

i am here. Reach out on***

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Hello everyone.  Thought I'd Introduce myself again.

I was hoping someone here could maybe help me. I'm currently in The U.S. looking to Kenya, the Nairobi or Mombasa area to be with my girlfriend, and seeking employment. My background is in the financial services field and have a B.A. in finance. I also have a passport. Additonally, I have been looking into NGOs. If anyone could it would be much appreciated. Also how is the job market there. Thank you!!!!!!

Hello My friend,

Kenya is so so so beautiful, I wish you do this move soon, I guess finance here it a well known field.  I will give you some links and you can search may be you can find


and start by standard chartered bank of kenya, this what I am using and may be if you get chance may I can ask the women who care of my account.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category: … s_of_Kenya

     and start by safricom the biggest one here and then by airtel.

http://www.the-star.co.ke/classifieds/j … mpany.html

this is a website as search engine for every thing in kenya, check their job and change the search keyword as your job title.

Good luck.

Hi dear.  I'm Indian expact herein Nairobi Kenya  from past 10 months.  Wanna be in touch.

hi all

I am just a month in nairobi. would like to meet some people

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