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We launched this discussion so that members living in Djibouti introduce themselves while hoping this will help you to widen your social network.

Are you living in Djibouti since sometime or have you just arrived?
What brought you to Djibouti? What is your passion in term of hobbies, likes and dislikes?

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I have lived in Djibouti since 2004. My husband teaches at the University of Djibouti and our three children attend school at Dolto and Kesel. I am a freelance writer and love to talk and learn about the Horn of Africa. I have learned to run and to cook while living in Africa. I write about running in Djibouti at and I wrote a cookbook called Djiboutilicious, all the recipes use only ingredients available in Djibouti and there are also some local recipes.

Hi Rachel Pieh Jones!

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i have lived in Djibouti for last 8 months. iam working for a privae company as logistics incharge. I was in Dubai for last 2 years working in a competitive environment with out rest but once i reached djibouti there is no work pressure, lot of leisure time whihc made to me to adapt to the climate of Djibouti. Even though the cost of living is high you can enjoy your stay and work while in Djibouti.I have learned to cook french food which i feel like a great thing.

Hello crameez87.

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I name Mohamoud Abdosh now Iam living in ethiopia and had diffrent experience from diffrent NGO and my hope most the reading, see you soon members

I come from Chennai, India and work for a shipping company in Djib. I was earlier posted in Aden. Have been in Djib for a year and am getting used to the place.

I visit on and off because my husband is working in Djibouti. I have yet to find a salon where I can make my hair.
I am also bothered by the little kids especially girls begging on the streets. Is there a way we can be of help to them culture withstanding?

Hi,I used to work there and agree the children can be a nucense but I always felt sorry for them

I am not living in Djibouti but I am thinking of moving there for a job as a physician but I need more info

Would just say be sure your services are highly needed in Djibouti.

Do you know how much the doctors receive
For a monthly salary

Hi Mahendra
Kaise ho? hope u r doing great n enjoying n djibouti,am Yogesh from gujarat now days in djibouti, we starting import-export firm here mainly we are importing foodstuff goods here in djibouti, I need 2 person who cares the office here if u have any person please advise me sooon

please to hear u

yogesh thakkar

Had trouble with my hair in Djibouti but got a lovely saloon today. Hyipeee!!!


I read on your message saying you need people to work in office. I'm currently moved to Djibouti from London and looking for a job. I speak both fluently in English and Somali. I'm able to work under pressure, able to work in a team as well as on my own.

I hope you would consider me for the position and contact me.
My email address is idilabdi1[at]



I've just recently moved to Djibouti. I have family here, so it makes it slightly easier to settle in.

@ Idil Abdi: Please browse through the list of jobs in Djibouti and post your CV in the sector which suits you the most :)

Dear All,

Am new to Djibouti just one week old and i must say am enjoying every bit of it. Am Kenyan so trying to fit into a different language, cultures e.t.c is quite so thing. I work at an intergovernmental organization and would be glad to meet new friends, make new contacts e.t.c.


hi PM,

Which salon is that coz it will come in handy once my braids wear off.

Hi Cynthia,

I am from Kenya visiting Djibouti next week.


Welcome Kavz,

Where will you be staying and are you coming for work. Well i will be more than happy to help in any way possible although am just 2 weeks old here

Welcome Cynthia!

If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
Best wishes.


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