Gift ideas for someone moving to Japan

Hello expat community!

I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I don't know a lot about Japanese culture yet, but my best friend (American) accepted a position at a Japanese university and will be moving there in March. She's also getting married in December. I'd like to get her something that will be useful to her and her husband (he'll be joining her in Japan a few months after she arrives, also American), but I also don't want to give her anything that will take up space in her baggage. Does anyone have a recommendation for a gift that would help them in Japan?

They're not able to go on a honeymoon around their wedding due to their schedules (both in academia), so I was tentatively thinking of perhaps a gift card for a romantic weekend? Is that something that would be considered a normal thing to do in Japan? They'll be based in Osaka-anyone have recommendations of a place to go?

I welcome any suggestions and advice!

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