Panama rent a car

I'll be doing my recon of Panama in November.  Will be there about 3 weeks, during which time I'd like to visit both main cities and smaller villages.
Do any member's have referrals to rental companies at Panama city airport?
What is the situation with public transport in the more rural areas?

I would avoid driving in the city. It’s confusing and the traffic is a total pain. Get Marc Vargas to pick you up 507 6986 1671  I think he might be able to rent you a car also. He speaks English. Luis Arce is another good guy 507 6536 1179  luistaxi777[at]  reliable and speaks English.

There is excellent public transportation everywhere. In more rural areas it may not run as often but it should still be available. Many people don’t have cars and depend on it every day.

This is great advice
As we will be in country this coming February 2019 for the conference and we plan on staying longer. So knowing that there people that can run us around is great news

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