French guy living in Bordeaux and pleased to meet foreign people

Hi all :)
I'm a 30 years old french photographer living in Bordeaux. Always interested in meeting new people, I would be pleased to help you to make yourself confortable in Bordeaux. I know the city very well as I always lived here even if I travelled a lot (New Zealand, USA, Vietnam, Senegal, many Europe countries, etc...).
I'm very interested in meeting overseas people, especially kiwis but it's always a pleasure to speak with anyone, no matter where you are from.
If you want to have a look at my work, please go there :

Have a nice day!


I am a Russian-Israeli. I recently moved to Bordeaux in order to work at the University (I am a physicist).

I will be happy to meet local people... as long as they speak English.

Regards, Vadim.

With great pleasure!
Just give me a MP ;).

See ya

Hey there :) I'm kiwi, and so is my partner! LOL. Would be cool to hang out some day. I'm also a photographer... You can check out my travel blog here:

Have a great day! Fête de la musique!!!

Hi! If you want to meet it would be with great pleasure!
I'll give you my phone number in private.
See ya!


I am Mahmoud from Iran.
I am looking at an Iranian girl that many years ago she lived
in Bordeaux and 16-17 years ago she dead there.She was my gf but
she was sick and Unfortunately she dead .
If is possible i need your help for find her tomb in one of the cemeteries of the Bordeaux.If you want help me please send to me
your email Address in my page that i can tell you her name

I'm is my 4th week in Bordeaux...and it is quite hard to live here if You don't know anyone aprat from people at work..especially weekends are so 'silent'...
I am PhD student from Poland and here I have a practice at Bordeaux University.
If You would like just to go for a walk, show me nice places in Bordeaux and talk about everything..let me know :)

i'm Francesca, from Italy, and i will spend 3 days in Bordeaux to holidays. I'm travelling alone and i will really enjoy some company for a cofee and a talk. I just finish my studies in performing art and i'm interested in photography. I've seen your photos and i'm curious to know about your adventures around the word.  If you are in the city now and you'd like to meet please contact me

Hello Francesca,

Welcome to

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Hi Christine.
thank's for your advise. I'm new and i don't know how it works... ;)

Hi.. I am also in Bordeaux. Would you like to meet and go for walk or coffee?

Thanks and Regards,


I'm comeing to France after the  new year

Hi :)

Hi Frenki,
I just read your post and it is so nice to know that people are offering such a nice gesture to strangers. Travelling alone can ofcourse be daunting and lonely. Its great to offer to meet up with people!!
That being said, I am not sure if you are still in Bordeaux but I am a girl from Australia, travelling to Bordeaux for the first time and I really wanted to meet up with locals and hang out basically.

As a personality I really enjoy anything. I like food, wine, I love to chat and just wander.
If you are around still please drop me a line.


Hi there,

I have just read your post and are so happy to see that so many people are able to meet up with foreigners and show them their city and introduce them to some local things.
Everyone said that people in Bordeaux are very friendly, and this site has definitely shown that to be the case.

Im am travelling to Bordeaux on the 19th of dec for a few weeks.
I would love to meet up and hang out, if you are around then.

Im a 35 year old Australian, I teach primary school - drama and year 2.  I
m staying pretty central, so I can find my way around, hopefully.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Nicole,

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All the best

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