teaching english in italy


I will be moving to Italy, Vallo Della Lucania in the very near future, and know the jobs are scarce there.  Thinking of teaching English out of my home to kids or whoever.  Anyone have experience in this, what to charge etc...?


In Rome and Milan people charge anywhere form 10-30 euro depending on your experience I guess. If you're going to a smaller town you could try asking for 20 euro for the first hour and 15 for the second or something like that. Or 10 for small groups per hour. Check Kijiji or craigs list to see if there are any other teachers in your area and what they charge.

good luck!

Thank you.  The town is small, outside of Vallo Della Lucania. Guess I'll know better what to charge when I get there.

Hello Kathleen,

Are you still interested in teaching?

Dear Kathleen,

I'm hoping to set up some English language courses in the Vallo area, if you're interested maybe we could meet??

Look forward to hearing from you!

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