KITAP cancellation

KITAP cancellation :

Indonesian Immigration Law UU6-2011

Article 62

1. Permanent Stay Permit may terminate due to holder
of Permanent Stay Permit:

a. Leave the Indonesian Territory more than 1
(one) year or has no longer intent to reenter
the Indonesian Territory.

b. Does not apply a renewal of Permanent Stay
Permit after 5 (five) years;

c. Obtains the citizenship of the Republic of

d. His/her permit is cancelled by the Minister


a designated Immigration Officer;

e. Subject to Deportation action; or

f. Death.

2. Permanent Stay Permit shall be cancelled due to a
holder of Permanent Stay Permit:

a. Found to perpetrate criminal act against the
State as set forth in laws and regulations;

b. Undertakes activities that endanger the State

c. Violates an Integration Statement;

d. Employs foreign worker without work permit;

e. Provides incorrect information in filing an
application of Permanent Stay Permit;

f. Such foreigner is subject to Immigration
Administrative Action;


g. Marital breakup of the Foreigner who is legally
married to an Indonesian citizen due to divorce
and/or upon court verdict, unless such marriage
has been ten (10) years old or more.


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