Can anyone please direct me to grief counseling in Bogota?

Hi there. If anyone can help me I'd be most grateful.

My daughter is British. Her boyfriend (Colombian) committed suicide 3 weeks ago and she is distraught. The family flew her home for a week, but now she's back "home" in Bogota and still very, very upset, as you might imagine.

I've been trying to find a "grief counselor" or similar person but as she wants to see someone face to face, it would have to be in Bogota. I'm not having much luck. Can anyone help or suggest a line of enquiry for me? I'd be ever grateful.

Please message me, or if you prefer I'm fine to receive email: malc (at)

Thanks if you can help - it would make a difference.

Best wishes, Malc

Sorry to hear that sad news. Seems to be a lot of suicides amongst young males in Colombia.

What Type of Medical insurance do you have?

If you have medicina prepagado they can suggest a psycologist who is covered by their policy.

Should be lots in Bogota

Best of luck

Thanks for your suggestion :) I'll check that.

Greetings Malc,

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. And yes, I can imagine that your daughter is devestated ... suicide literally rips out the hearts of the ones left behind.

Sometimes it makes all of the difference to speak to someone who isn't also grieving. I'm a Canadian grief counsellor currently living in Cartagena. Please invite your daughter to reach out to me @ *** and we can set up a skype call.

It would be much better to be able to sit with her in person but I fear that a grief counsellor will be hard to find in Colombia.  Here the families tend to be close, and carry each other through sad times.

I'm a mom too and I know how hard it is to worry about the well being of our kids. I'm here and available to help however I can.

Sending a hug,

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