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Hi im from california and ongoing to marry  man from Jordan also.  I plan to live there and move back here.  But I will probably be in Jordan for a year.  It's kinda a big step.  My friends and family are mixed on this choice but so are his.  They we're worried that I wanted to have him send me money and in the end I was simply stealing his money with no intention of marrying him... And you can imagine my families worries.  But no one really knows our relationship as we do.  I know that there are always people out there that intentions are self motivated.  But there are always clues... Anyway I would be moving to zarqa, and you Amman?  When would do you believe you would move?  I am hoping for July or sooner... I am going to stay with his aunt and uncle in Chicago before I go to Jordan.  They want to help us.  He comes from a really awesome family and I was so thankful that they are kind to me. But it was after getting to know me a bit... They we're pretty apprehensive at first but now they treat me like family. 
I would love to hear more about your experience I'm the only person I know that has ever been In my situation.

Obviously there are a lot of us that have been in a similar situation :).  My only advice is (I am assuming you are applying for him to come to the usa) make sure you research what you need to sponsor him to come to the USA before you move.  You may be complicating things by quitting your job, giving up your residence, etc., so make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you go.  Although it would have been 100 times easier for me to have just applied from the USA for my husband, I am glad I came in spent two years here.  Makes it a lot easier for me to understand my husband.  Just be aware Zarqa is a lot different from California.

Good morning,
My name is Mirna.  I need to ask you if you can help me. I am looking to see how i can divorce a Jordanian who lives in Jordan and i am a Canadian citizen, i live in Canada but he is no longer interested in me. Is there any way that i can get this done as soon as i can please. I need some help.!
Thank you.

Good morning,
Please help me how i can divorce a Jordanian living in Jordan. He has no interest in me no more.  There is no love now i see he only used me. Please get back to me. ***
I really need this case over and done with. I hope you can help me.
Thank you

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I feel sorry for you that you have to go through this.
Is your marriage registered in Canada?
If not than you can choose the option to do nothing as probably you are unmarried according to the Canadian law. But you have ti check that first.

If you have children, he's financial responsible for the children and for you.
Based on this you can force him to pay. But then you need a lawyer who can help you.
Please contact the nearest Jordanian embassy to get more information.

All the best.

Oh thank goodness no children with him. I have not registered my marriage in Canada. So is that it. No issues. I wonder but I can call and ask.

Hello. So no email i understand
Thank you

Thank you for all the feedback. Best wishes to you as well

Even if your marriage isn't registered in Canada I'd still make sure you are legally divorced if and when you do decide to get married again.  You never know when things can come back to haunt you.   I don't know anything about canadian laws, but in some of the states (divorce law varies by state in the USA) you can petition for the divorce by publication.  Basically when you file, instead of having the spouse be served the papers, if you cant find or contact your spouse, you have to put an ad in a paper announcing the intent to divorce and wait something like a minimum of six months for the spouse to contest the divorce to the court.  If they don't, the petitioning spouse is granted the divorce.  Really best to check with an attorney.  Best of luck.

Thank you Kip. I will definitely make aure i find out and get it done. Have a good day.

hello there....i just finished reading what you wrote and im hoping you will see there any way you can email like to discuss some things with you....i am an american marrying a jordanian man this september....before i do i would really like to speak to with you about the interesting things you have stated.....thank you...*

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Hello, good afternoon
To be honest it was good, very good in the beginning.  My current husband did everything right. He was courteous, loving tender, looked put for me every way, so caring and he even stopped smoking cause i get sick from it.  Afterwards like a year or b4 it was not the same. He wasn't showing the same thing and started smoking again.  I went back the 2nd time and got married, even though i still believed he was good. Unfortunately things went sour it did go down the hill from there.  He wasn't concern about me no more.  He just wanted to come to Canada because he said, ' i want to be there for you, it won't be the same as it is now'. So i started seeing more red flags. His family was always good to me. But idk maybe he is just not use to a different environment and wanted me to be paying attention to him than me. Kinda felt like that. But now he is still in Jordan and he has hurt me deeply with his actions and i don't want nothing to do with him no more. I do love his family. I still love him of course too but can't love like this no more. I was goin to sponsor him but i have no more interest in a man who doesn't have or show any interest with ne no more for too long. It seems like eventually we both lost touch with one another and he gives up so easily,  doesn't push or help the relationship to get better. I am very disappointed with this situation and i have been fighting too long to keep it together and no help from him. So I'll remain alone is been a bad experience for me. I am not ready at all for another relationship. No way. But yea any questions. You can ask.


From who you would like to get more information in private?
I strongly advice not to give any personal details on an open  forum like this. You'll never know who is reading too and can take bad advantage of it.

I understand.  Thanku

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