Do I need C1 if I want to do an Ausbuildung?

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Depending what kind of education you like to do?
In German you write Ausbilldung.

Most educations have multiple languages available, that is why I am asking you what type of training you looking for.

Next time try to be more clear in your question to get the right and more direct answer, just a advice.

For normal Ausbildung Telc B1 beruflich Prüfung is enough. But it also depends, for University admission you will need TestDAF C1 Level. Your question is not clear though, some foreign students confuse them between Ausbildung (apprenticeship) and Studium.

Since apprenticeships ("Ausbildung") are two-fold, practical training in a company plus coursework at a vocational school, there are also two language requirements:
- The company might want you to be able to converse with colleagues or customers and defines an individual (i.e. differing from company to company) language requirement for it. A few (very, very few) companies might even be operating in other languages altogether (e.g. English).
- The school must ensure that you are able to follow classes. B1 or B2 is usually required, but in less popular professions (e.g. butchery or nursing) they might admit you with less, conditional on you achieving the required level within 6 months (which might mean you'll be studying day and night!).


Shaz#20 :

Do I need C1 if I want to do an Ausbuildung?

Thank you😊

You have said you are a German citizen, have you just become one?

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