EP pass appeal rate


I am malaysian and studied in Nus. My EP got rejected and the reason is does not meet Fair consideration framework. But the company said they did posted job advertisement on job bank. They have appealed for me. Can I knw the chances of getting it approved? How long to get to knw the result?

Fair consideration can be read as followings:

1. Didn’t advertise the job opening for two weeks in job bank
2. Didn’t justify to provide chances to locals before interviewing foreigners
3. Didn’t provide evidence that locals don’t have those skills which is why to hire a foreigner

If employer is unable to provide rationale to MoM then there is no point to appeal against the outcome. Time frame could be few weeks to a month or more but the outcome will change only when the appeal is successful. Good luck

Hi..the company told me they posted on job bank more than 14 days and they have no issue for the past experience. However, they mentioned gov changed some rule in 1st June but i do not know what is that.

I have already told you the possible scenario and what MoM might have wanted from the employer to provide rationale. This is a requirement to hire a foreigner. So, employer should know the new requirements and stringent policies at MoM. Each case is different to other. Good luck

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