Residential Areas for India expats

Hi Friends.
I am planning a move to Nairobi against a job offer.
I am offered a package as below (family of 03):

2500 USD per month (after tax deduction) salary.
Furnished family accomodation in gated community (South C).
Car with mileage scheme.
Family health insurance.
Annual passage air-fare for family.
Standard paid leaves as per contract.
Work Permit for myself.
Dependent passes for family members.

School fees (01 child) and utility bills is my responsibility.

I have two sets of queries and request suggestions....

1) Is the package good enough for decent living in Nairobi and also some savings?
2) How is South C (gated community with security) a place for expat Indians? (Some senior employees of the company already stay here).

Thanks for your inputs & suggestions.


Kenya is full of Indians so I do not think you have anything to worry about. Take the usual precautions as Security is a concern regardless of where you live. I would d keep an open mind and have friends from all backgrounds as this will give you chance to really experience Kenya

Thanks Ali for sharing your thoughts...

hello,$2500 thats a good buck ,also South c is full of Indian as well muslim community known as Somalis from kenya thus its a good neighbourhood to live

Hi aknairobi,
Have you found your suitable home ?When are you coming in ?I can hook you with the ideal home.

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