Moving to Ecuador with pets

My name is Cindy and I hope to be moving to Ecuador soon, but need to know the in's and out's of bring pets. I have 3 dogs and a parrot. Can anyone give me info on this or point me in the right direction?

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Hi, I personally don't have any info for you, but having a dog in my family and we're bringing him with us, googled retiring with a dog to Ecuador and got plenty of info good luck we'll need it maybe our dogs will sniff hynies in Ecuador.

Thanks Denis, I will try that too...Good luck to you in your move, would love to keep in contact to know how it is going for you, we too are considering this leap.
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My husband and I are taking the big leap also. We have just started to research. We, too, have 2 small dogs that we are bringing on the final move.  Any good advise about ANYTHING is appreciate.

No answers yet....also just starting my research. All I have been able to find out is that we can bring the dogs and bird to Ecuador on the plane. I did not see anything yet on quaranteen. Are you planning a visit first? If so, when are you hoping to go? We are hoping for Feb 2012, or sooner if possible.

Hi.  We brought our three Chihuahua's from Las Vegas Nevada to Cuenca Ecuador.  I went to and down loaded the form for Ecuador.  It cost about $8.00 to down load the forms needed for Ecuador.  Download one form and then you can make a copy for the three dogs and bird.  Fill these forms out.  Have a 10 day window of time to have the forms filled out and they must b Notorized by the USDA and taken or sent to the Ecuadorian Consulate.  Cost $50.00 to Consulate for each animal.  The rabies vacination cannot be a three year vacination, must be only a ONE year.  Even though they are the same shot make sure your vet labels it as a one year.   Ecuador does not recognize the three year rabies shot.  We know because we had to redo the shot. Some of the vacination can be given within 60 days and one of them has to fall within a shorter time frame.  So read the paper work.  We left Las Vegas on the coldest day.  It was 25 degrees outside of course the dogs could not fly until it reached 40 degrees which was about 8 hours later.  SO get your vet to fill out an Acclaimation form which you can down load off of website and have the vet sign it saying that your dog can travel at a certain temperture.  We had to have vet fax to the airport this form and they would allow our dogs to fly if it reached 40 degrees.  We just squeeked by.  Tempeture it cannot be warmer than 85 degrees for your animals to fly.  It was 80 degrees when we flew out of Miami to Guayaquil.  We did give our dogs some setative.  We flew American Airlines.  We really were fortunate because everything went pretty smooth.  We did miss our flight in Miami because of the delay with temp. in Las Vegas.  The airline did not charge us the $400.00 over again in Miami.  Las Vegas airline made a notaion that we would not be recharged.  We were handed back our dogs in Guayaquil with no delay or quarantine.  We  took a van to Cuenca as we could not fly into Cuenca with the dogs.  Van cost about $80.00.  We did not share a van. In Guayquil we were passed through and they really did not look much at our papers.  In Miami our dog documents were throughly checked.  Ok I hope this helps.  You may already have traveled.
Joyula and John

Where are all the newbies planning to move to in Ecuador? We are planning to look around Cuenca. I am very interested in village living if I can get to town for groceries once in awhile!

Hello everyone! I have been interested in Equador for some time and am now saving for a trip. I find many many sites expressing the joys of retiring to Equador however I am curious as to relocating and a life before retirement. Any advice on sites that expound on this subject? I am excited to learn more!!

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