I will be bringing in two motorbikes which I have owned for several years Is there import duty or other finance obligations? Also need to know about registration etc? They are for personal use.

If you are a HU citizen then they may still waver customs on personal items brought into HU , one time only, includes car, belongings.

Thanks I am an EU citizen so that's helpful

DJMc :

Thanks I am an EU citizen so that's helpful

Presumably you are bringing them from inside the EU?

I don't know about bikes, but for cars, if they've got EC type approval, it should be quite easy although the language is difficult.  In the end we had to get a local guy to help us - partly because we couldn't be bothered and partly because we didn't have the time for all that nonsense.  Took us more than a month but that particular car was not type approved. 

Note:  that car would probably have failed a UK MoT test on the brakes (it's pretty old and my "hobby" car) but it sailed through here with no problem at all and we have a 2 year HU MoT certificate!   

I am of course not being negligent - I'm replacing the brake system this summer - takes time to gather the spares.

Thanks No the bikes not coming in from EU but are in top MO/T condition

DJMc :

Thanks No the bikes not coming in from EU but are in top MO/T condition

To these guys here, when there's no EU paperwork, it's a different procedure.   They don't care about foreign MoTs (tests) unless it's from an EU country.  In other words, it'll be tested again to ensure it's "safe" (which in HU is a laughably subjective term). 

My car has American emission controls and is less polluting than an equivalent EU car but they don't care what went before.  They base it on equivalent EU models, age, C02, electronic ignition, particulates and catalysts etc.   Best to check the UNECE regulations on vehicles and motorbikes - I only know about cars.

I suggest - unless you are fluent in the language - to get someone to help you.  It'll cost money but you won't have the hassle.  We were charged 40K HUF plus all the mandatory fees and spare parts (which were a lot more than 40K HUF). 

I also had to change my North American (NA) headlights to E-marked versions.  My NA versions were plastic but the E-approved versions were glass and used different bulbs/cabling.  Not much logic to it in my mind (as my NA versions were perfectly acceptable in the UK but not in HU).  I sourced,  fitted and rewired the headlights myself to save money. It was easy to do as my car has a European version - so it was a straight swap.

To answer the question, you'll need to bring them in, re-register them and if they are your personal property owned for more than 6 months, not new and not for resale, then there should not be any import taxes.  There are road fees to pay every 6 months plus the regular safety tests and so on.  Insurance is mandatory and you might find some odd questions on that.  I was asked if my car had LED headlights - I thought these were not approved in Europe but who knows. What that has to do with insurance I don't know.

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