Personal Income Statement for US resident moved to Netherlands

I am an Indian citizen. I moved to Netherlands mid-2017 from US. I was employed in an US university until August and filed IRS tax return for 2017 this year.

For Netherlands tax, I need to file M-form. Do I need an additional document from IRS to attach alongside M-form?
My dutch tax consultant has advised me to attach the tax statement document (link below) stamped by IRS. But I can not find any reference anywhere on belastingdienst. … foleng.pdf

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Frustratingly, I can't get my hands on a copy of the M-form used today so can't see what it asks for and my memory of when I did this has faded over time.

What I suspect your tax-adviser is asking you to do is provide evidence of any tax paid in the US during the relevant tax-year, almost certainly so that you are not charged twice on income that's covered by the US/NL double-taxation agreement.  You should be aware that only income tax is covered by the agreement, the Dutch have additional social taxes that are charged on worldwide income - these are not covered by the agreement, so it's important that you get this correct and not do what I did and end up with a massive bill.

My advice is to do as your advisor has suggested.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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