Cancel Professional DP 10 Visa

Dear Community Members 1st hi to everyone and Thanks in advance for help me.

i have Malaysian Professional DP10 Visa which was issue on 2016 December and will Expire on 30 December 2018. now i am come back to my home Pakistan . for holidays but now i have some suitation in my home town so i don't want to go back to Malaysia, i want to cancel my visa ? but my friend told me you must to come back to Malaysia to cancel your visa and if you don't come you have to pay penalty of 3000RM if you dont come back ?

So my question is that please is it true i have to go back to cancel my visa ? or my boss can cancel Visa without any penalty? Thanks

Your passport is needed to cancel your EP so would need to be in Malaysia.

Your passport is needed to cancel your EP so would need to be in Malaysia

You also need to do your tax clearance

Be careful that you don't end up being non resident for tax year 2018

It would be best to return and count 182 days plus any absences to work out when you can safely leave

hmm I submit 1480RM tax from 2017 january to 2017 december.

so now if i go back to malaysia so from 2018 january to 2018 june i have to pay Tax? or not?

last question is there any other way to cancel visa without go back to malaysia?

You have to be in Malaysia to cancel the EP

You will pay 28% non-resident tax because you have not been in Malaysia for 182 days in 2018 tax year. 

That's why its best to plan your resignation after 182 days plus however long you have been back in Pakistan. If it is more than 14 days you are busted too

hmm so its mean now in June end my 182 Days will be fulfilled? so i have to pay 28% tax of my Salary right??

i came back to Pakistan at 28March 2018 and now i am in Pakistan

You will pay 28% on any salary receive in 2018. This is because you have been outside for more than 14 days and can't link 2017 to 2018.

but i pay 1480RM Tax of one year 2017 so how  you saying i have to pay 28% which is 8500RM somthing?

my last question if i didn't go back and my visa got expire in 2018 end December So after expire my visa its what will be happened? its affect company owner etc?

You pay income tax every month you work. But the rate can either be resident or non-resident rate.

You should have paid 28% Jan-July 2017 and then tax resident rate after 182 days until 31 December 2017. You were entitled to a tax refund when you submitted your annual tax return for 2017  in April 2018

If you don't go back you can wave goodbye to ever working in Malaysia again and possibly be blacklisted from entering as a tourist. You will also be a tax debtor in Malaysia.

The company is responsible to cancel the EP and will be fined for not arranging this. They will cancel the EP in the immigration-linked database and this will show what happened, when.

You should have paid 28% Jan-July 2017 and then tax resident rate after 182 days until 31 December 2017. You were entitled to a tax refund when you submitted your annual tax return for 2017  in April 2018

CAN YOU EXPLAIN ME LITTLE MORE?  i didn't get this point?

mean which months tax i dont need to pay and which one i need to pay please

You pay tax every month.

When you do your annual tax return the tax office reimburses any overpayment

After you become tax resident (182 days +) you get a Certificate of Residence (proof of being 182 days in Malaysia) and the employer then STOPS charging you 28% non-resident rate and you START to just pay the resident rate - which is much lower.

Refunds are only processed by the tax office when an annual tax return is submitted. The tax office works out retrospectively the tax due Jan-Dec at the RESIDENT rate (because you became tax resident during the tax year)

The tax office then reimburses any overdeduction of tax - which is worked out on the difference between 28% (non resident flat rate) and the resident rate.

but my owner of company my friend he said you have to pay 1 years tax which is 2017 to go back to Pakistan> so i paid 1400RM and then i came back to Pakistan.

so now you tell me what should i do mean i can claim back my 2017 Tax becaseu i spend 1.half years in malaysia?


I have to Pay tax from january 2018 to June 2018 as 182 Days?

i am confuse in this two thing

Read page 6 of this guide … ooklet.pdf

It explains about tax residency and linking of tax years. (Your issue is you cant link 2017 to 2018)

However, if during 2017 your employer deducted monthly tax correctly and according to the rules, you should get a large tax refund for 2017

you are confusing me?

my question is that now i can take back my tax money of 2017 from Tax office? right?

To repeat. By doing a Tax Return for 2017 you will get refunded any overpayment.

If you didnt do the Tax Return for 2017 then any refund due will be paid when you do your tax clearance

Your employer should complete a Leavers Tax form so you can do your clearance.

Okay i will call to Tax office to get more Information Thanks alot Gravitas Thanks alot for your time and Help Thanks

I am really Sorry Graviats i read your PDF file please can you explain me this two things?

i attached screen shot

q1. in 1st Screen shot my montly income is 5000 so what is mean by next 10000? mean which one i will pay from this table? which one is mine?

Q2. what is mean Tax Relief? in second screen shot.

oh i cant attached scren shot directly can you tell me without screen shot

1. To work out your tax (resident rates):
a) Your annual salary is 5000 x 12 months = 60,000
b) Tax-free allowance is 9,000 per annum
c) Taxable income = 60,000 - 9,000 = 51,000

2. How to read the table on P.7
a) Look for line which says "On the first  50,000 ......... 2,400 (2017)
b) Look for line below which says "On the next 20,000...... 16% (2017)
c) You have just 1,000 at 16% (because taxable salary is 51,000)
d) 1,000 x 16% = 160
e) Total annual tax (2017) = 2,400 + 160 = 2,560
f)  Monthly tax = 2,560 divided by 12 = 213.33

waooo Thanks alot thanks alot okay so my annual tax of resident is 2560RM

now can you tell me how my owner submit 1480RM.

and i am married. i have 2 kids so i submit my wife documents and my 2 kids documents to give me discount on Tax. so can you tell me with wife and kids how much discount it will be ?

can i call to Malaysia Tax office mean they will give me my Payment detail or tax detail that how much my owner paid my tax ??

Check on the PWC tax booklet … oklet.html for tax allowances

But you only get them for tax years where you are Tax Resident

so from 2017 january to 2017  December i am Resident? right ?

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