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Hello Everyone
My name is Ana, Im Portuguese and Im currently living in Athens. I work in UK.
I would like to know how easy/difficult it is for an EU citizen buy a property in Athens.
It would be my first property, is it difficult to get a Mortgage in Greece? Which percentage would you need to give upfront? What are the other charges ( tax lawyer notary)? All my economic records are from England, would it be worth to ask for a mortgage in a British bank?
I read many articles saying different things and Im a bit confused where to start.

Hello,well,Im quite sure that you would be totally unable to take a loan from a Greek bank,capital controls are still in place,the banks have a liquidy problem,Greeks cannot take even three thousand from them.If you want to buy you must have the cash for the purchase,the transfer tax,the symvoliographo,(like solicitor)the lawyer,other costs on top such as small taxes here and there.Buy now if you are intending to with cash as prices have gone up in Athens and the islands and will continue to do are still out there,25.000 for a small apartment which needs doing up in Athens.Im in Egaleo,ten mins from the center on the metro,we have 2 metros actually to use close by each other and there are still some bargains to be had,its away from the crazy center,a more family area with a park.I was in Loutraki the other day,by the sea with mountains and I saw some real bargains in the widows of agents,french are buying up apartments there.I hope you get the cash and get yourself a bargain.

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