Work Holiday Pass still pending (already 3 weeks)

Hi I am new here, I applied for WHP on 22 April and the automatic reply said I can check application status after 02 May 2018. I can check finally status of my application on 7th May, 5 days delay. I have been waiting for the outcome for 3 weeks and still pending now. I graduated from a French university and my school can not translate any documents for students, so I ask a certified translator accredited by the French Embassy in Singapore to do translation, I don't know if this is the reason they need more time to verify my documents. My friend applied on the same day as me and she already got approved, she is an undergraduate from another French uni and she got English version of her documents from her uni.
Could I email MOM or I just need to wait ?

Thank you !

You can email or call MoM, but this will not accelerate the process.

Hey, I’m on same boat as you. I applied for the pass on the 21st of April. I wasn’t able to check it’s status until the 7th as well. I think there’s something wrong with MOM system, they close down their status checking website for maintenance yesterday. I was kind of expecting the lag behind my application process because of my nationality (I’m Thai , graduated from UK) :(
I will wait for it today and give them a call later. I don’t think they works on weekends and won’t be able to send out letters when my 3 week period dued.

Hi Suthatas,
I don't think your nationality would be a problem if you are aged from 18 to 25 and graduated from UK.
I am not from France and my friend neither, she already received an IPA from MOM.
Please let me know what MOM said if you call them later.

Hope we receive soon our IPA letter.

Thank you Gwenwl,
I just got off the phone with MOM , the automatic operator had problems locating my application at first but then the lady I got transfer to said it’s still being process. I told her it had been more than 3 weeks so she asked me if I would like to “Expidite” the application process. She told me an officer will have a look my case soon. I don’t really know how different things will be with this....

Thank you !
Ah I did not know that we could accelerate the process by calling ...
Did her tell you more details about expedite the application process ?

I was surprise as well.
She only said the officer will have a look it , and it will probably take 3 weeks to process (not another 3 weeks! :sosad: ) I asked her if this normally happens, incase they were going to tell me about any system failure or massive amount of application they received. But the lady just said that they process the applications case by case.

She said it would probably take 3 weeks and they process the applications case by case, you already wait for a long time, I think if you did not call them, it would be your turn soon. You go Spore for an internship ?

So like you mean I should hadn’t called them?
Tbh I don’t really believe in the whole expedite app and 3 weeks waiting time thing anymore. We know from experience they took longer than 3 weeks hahahahaha. I remember seeing a post on another forum about someone offered something similar. I will dig into that. I got an internship with a condition that I must get a WHP. I don’t really know how things are going to go from now. But please do tell me when you get your IPA! :)

I think maybe it would not change anything if you call them, my friend got her IPA in 10 days so I did not expect this long wait hahaa.
Me too, I must get a WHP. We just need to wait and this stress me already 3 weeks ..
You also, let me know when you get your IPA  :).

Gwenwl! I just got my IPA just now!
Have you check yours!? Im going to cry

Hi Suthatas,

Congrats on the EP approval.
May I know which number you were calling to? Mine has been pending for 5 weeks.
would like to call and have a try!


Hi Suthatas,
Congrats on the Work Holiday Pass approval.
I called MOM today, they will expedite my application and ask the officer of my case to send me back an Email.
Hope I can get my IPA letter soon !

Sure thing!

Here’s the number ‭+65 6438 5122‬ (Don’t forget the + sign)

Hope you get your soon Yvonne.

Thank you :)
I hope you get yours by tomorrow
Best of luck !

Suthatas, I just received my IPA letter, wanna cry lol.

I’m so glad! That’s super fast 😂
I just spend the last couple of hour freaking out in a coffee shop hahahahaha
When are you planing on going to Singapore??

Thank you for posting the phone number! I submitted my WHP application more than 3 weeks ago and still pending. I just got off the phone with a representative & she said my app will get forwarded to an officer for approval. Unfortunately, there's no telling how long that process will take. Fingers crossed!

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