Moving from Scotland to Spain

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I hope you are all well. I was wondering if anyone could help me?

My partner and I are from Glasgow, Scotland and are planning on moving to Spain in the next 1-2 months, but we don’t know the best area to move to.

We don’t need to look for work (work from home and offshore), but do need to be within an hour from an airport, are in our late 20s- early 30s, enjoy being active (swimming, running, cycling), would like to be near the coast and within travelling distant to a city or somewhere where there will be lots going on (nice restaurants, sightseeing etc) and somewhere warm and sunny!

We plan on going to visit very soon, but I’d be very grateful if anyone could point us in the right direction of where to look.

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Hi,  would like to suggest to stay in Alicante . This is a very beautiful city with a number of places to visit. The people here are very nice and friendly. Here you will find all you need  at a very reasonable price. Have a lovely trip.
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Denia and Javea (northern Costa Blanca) are definitely the places to be right now... they have all the things you mentioned with lots of Spanish and Valencian charm, close to the hustle and bustle of Valencia, Benidorm, Alicante and Ibiza but far enough to be tranquil and without too many crazy tourists in the summers!  ;)

Thank you Marryjohna1, your message was really helpful and it's good to hear there are lots of great places to stay in Spain!

Hi BehrouG, thanks for your post, it's very helpful to hear which areas have a bit of everything! I will look into those areas :)

You're welcome Mel.  These are the two videos that helped us decide to move to this area without even having visited!

This first one takes you through the entire year starting in January, showing both the tranquility of the low season and the crazy festivals and events in the summer:

And this one is about people who have moved there from other parts of the world and what they think about Denia:


So you will need to be near a big enough airport for there to be low cost carriers to take you back to Glasgow. Valencia & Alicante have such flights, as do Barcelona and I assume Madrid. But these last two places will be expensive places to live.

Lots of people here are recommending the Alicante area, which is super nice, but has a particular vibe that you need to check you like. That area (and down to Malaga) is where the expat brits gather, so if you want lots of brits around you, and have shops and banks used to dealing with mono lingual brits, then this could be a good choice.

Valencia is a younger, cooler, hipper and much bigger city than Alicante. It’s on the coast and surrounded by mountains. There is a big public transport network to get you out and about. But most people seem to use bikes as their primary way of getting about the city. To my eyes, it’s significantly cheaper than Alicante. Not many brits, but the city is used to international business folk, so finding help in English is not impossible. It’s a very spanish place. People like spending time at the beaches, hanging out in bars and eating at rediculous times. Cycling in the mountains at weekends is a big thing there.

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