Permanent Residence through a Brazilian Child and Working in Brazil

I am currently working on getting a permanent residence VISA (via a Brazilian child). Once I get this VISA will I be authorized to work in Brazil. If not, what is further required to be able to work in Brazil. Thanks in advance for help answering this question.



Once you apply for permanency you will be able to get a work permit.



Thank you for your prompt reply. What is the timeline/process for getting the work permit? Is it different than a work VISA? And am I required to have a company sponsor me prior to applying?

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You can get the work permit without a job sponsor.

The following documents are required:

Alien Identity Card;
Individual Registry (CPF);
Proof of residence with zip code.


Jake, I got my residence permanency, therefore the right to work the very same day I applied at the federal police. If your documents are all correct they will stamp your passport right there and then.

Afterwards you can apply for jobs and with a job offer head to the Secretaria Regional de Trabalho in the state you are living to apply for a Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social. You can also collect this Carteira without a job offer you may just have to wait longer for an appointment.

In the meantime, your documents will be sent off to the government to create your Brazilian identity, Carteira de Identidade de Estrangeiro (CIE). Side note: I never received my CIE because the Federal police lost my documents...! Though, I've never had a problem with getting a job or entering the country because I kept the Protocol SINCRE and the stamp in my passport.


You need to press the PF for the CIE. You are legally required to carry it or a certified copy of it .


Thanks guys!!!!

Super helpful

Thanks Jim, I will try my best to get it off them!

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