Urgently looking for a network of native Chinese respondents


For my master thesis I'm desperately looking for native Chinese people that are willing to fill out a short survey of max. 5 minutes about online shopping. Do you know someone that can help me? Please let me know! I can send you more information regarding my research and the survey if needed.

Thank you in advance!

I am native Chinese. What kind of servey do you need help? I think i can help you If it is safe.

Hi Liza!

That is great to hear! You will find a link to the survey below.
It is about online shopping preferences. Could you bring me in contact with more possible respondents?

https://tilburghumanities.eu.qualtrics. … z8Ly4Hn78x

Oh, i see. But I can't open the link below. Do you have some other ways to show me and let me help you? Sure, i can add you in contacts.

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