Moving to Poland from Australia for work

Hi, I am considering moving to eastern europe for work purposes. The countries I'm looking at are Poland, Hungary or Czech Republic. I am a mechanical engineer (machinist and maintenance), and am curious to know if there are many jobs available and which cities are the manufacturing hubs. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find work where I live in Australia and have read in many places that Eastern Europe has a shortage of skilled professionals (tradesmen). I only know english with some german but if there many jobs available in a specific country I would be sure to learn the local language before I started applying.

It's hard to give specific city recommendation, but pretty much every major city in Poland would have some kind of medium of big size factories/companies. I would do my research for jobs in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk. Most of machinery type of business were located in Silesia region. Eastern part of Poland is mostly agricultural, with some exceptions like Lublin.

Please take a look at this website

This company is producing trains. Unfortunately their website is in Polish only

Good luck!

Hi Tipitoe,
Thanks for the reply. The Silesia region looks to be heavily industrialized, so I'll look there first. Failing that I will look into the other cities that you've mentioned.
The careersinpoland website looks to be helpful. Without being fluent in Polish, I'm probably going to be restricted to English speaking jobs.

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