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I'm hoping I can get some assistance from those of you who are currently living in Cambodia. I'm considering moving there (I was looking at Sihanoukville, but I've gotten mixed reviews so I'm certainly open to elsewhere), and I'm trying to figure out if it has what I'm after.

So let me tell you a bit about me as relates to this potential move. I don't drink, I don't do drugs. I have no desire to go to bars or clubs or parties. I have no interest in entering into a romantic or sexual relationship. I don't mind visiting the beach every once in awhile, but I'm not looking to spend all day every day there. I'm not looking to live in luxury; I neither have nor want a lot of stuff. All I want is to live somewhere quiet and out of the way, but close enough to a city so that I can get medicine, food, and other necessaries. I'm basically looking to find a place where I can live decently on a (relatively) small income from my online job and be left alone to pursue my firespinning and meditation.

Just because I've been on this site a week and I've already seen one thread turn into a fight, I feel obligated to clarify that I'm not saying this is the right way to live in Cambodia (or anywhere). It's just that, from what I've gathered, it's not the norm, so I figured I should be specific :)

One other thing: I have some health conditions which require medication. I don't necessarily need a lot of medical care and doctor visits, but access to medicine is simply non-optional.

Any help you could provide would be *greatly* appreciated.

Thanks so much for your help!

Well many places fit the bill for you I’m diabetic, I get my supply’s cheaply in Phnom Penh , I imagine other cities too would have supplies, but for good doctors I go to Thailand as most ex pats do , although royal hospital in Phnom Penh is great really good , sounds like you could live a small ways out of the city and be happy , cheaper a ways out of the cities , I don’t have a location for you but I bet you would find something, good luck to you , careful with medicines , u-care  pharmacy and always de la care pharmacy in Phnom Penh is best , you can be sure of getting the correct medicines , happy travels , yea there can be dis agreements on this site , but mostly good information


Take a Google look around Kep or Kampot ... ;-)

I get my medicines in any of theses.

New fiber optic internet line installed in my house in Kep in just one week.


Yes good advice kep and kampot might be the perfect spot

Hello SCSM2650 (whatever this means ;) ),

I´m living in Kep since beginning of March.
A lot of your words describe my life here perfectly   ;)

Good luck with your choice

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