UK Visa for my filipino fiance


I wonder if anyone with relevant experience can help me.

I've fallen for a lovely Filipina girl I met on a dating website. We have been chatting, swapping pictures, speaking on the phone and Skype etc. We are very keen to get together.

I want to ask what kind of visa I need to apply for in order for her to live with me in London.

I can visit her, I can marry her either in the Philippines or the UK (I'd prefer the UK but don't mind) but I'm confused about the kind of visa I need to apply for.

One visa type I looked at required us to live together for two years before applying, which is impossible.

Could anyone help me with practical advice? My mission is for her to be my wife and live with me in London.

I am employed in a good job and divorced (with proof of my divorce).

Thanks very much!

Hi James and welcome to the Forum.

The UK Government has become very restrictive with regards to Immigration into the UK; mainly because of marriages of convenience and people using these to get around the rules.  The end result of which are things like requiring a couple to have been together for 2-years prior to the grant of a family visa; this is directly aimed at stopping marriages of convenience as a means of entering the UK.

A non-EU citizen requires a visa to live and work in the UK; there are 2 types of visa, work visas (which are not permanent) and family visas which can be permanent, so you need a family visa for which there is a requirement for you to have lived together for 2 years prior to applying; there is no way we've found around that except for the "Surinder Singh" method; this link will take you to the UK Gov website that explains the process.  It would mean you both moving to another EU country before you get permission to come to live and work in the UK, so probably equally as bad, but at least you could be together.

I probably haven't helped you very much, but I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Expat Team

I've been given advice on another forum that suggests you're wrong. You don't need to have lived together for two years. This is his advice:

You need to apply for marriage settlement visa (commonly known as "fiance visa"). It doesn't require you to live together for at least 2 years (that visa is called unmarried partner visa). You need to have met at least once to apply for a fiance visa. You need to meet the financial requirement which is £18,600 pa and meet all other requirements.

Fiance visa will be valid for 6 months where you will need to marry within that time amd after marriage she can then apply for extension which will then be valid for 2.5 years where she will be allowed to work.

If you do decide to get married in the Philippines then she will have to apply for spouse visa from the Philippines.


I then went to this government webpage:

It says:

You must be able to prove ONE of the following:

- you’re in a civil partnership or marriage that’s recognised in the UK

- you’ve been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years when you apply

- you are a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner and will marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of arriving

You also need to prove you:

have a good knowledge of English
can financially support yourself and your dependants

So, I only have to prove that she is my fiance, and that we will marry within 6 months of her arriving.

I'll visit her, get engaged and then prove we're going to get married.

But before that I'll make sure she passes the required English test.

I hope this helps someone else.

Hi and thanks for coming back; always good to get more information.  I've found what your other reference has said; so I apologise for my erroneous post earlier.

I still wish you the best of luck with your journey. :)

Very kind. It is so confusing!

It certainly is; I'd appreciate it if, at the end of your journey, you could come back and let us know how you got on.

Expat Team

I will thanks.

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