waiting period: newly hired, EP and Visa


I'm from Manila and I was offered a job by an engineering company as GL analyst. I got the job offer last Feb 27 and accepted it on the same day.

I was told that Kelly Services will be the one who will prepare my employment contract and will assist in my EP and Visa application. However, as of today, March 14,  no representative from Kelly Services has contacted me yet. Is this how it really works? Should I be worried? How many days or weeks should the employment contract, EP and VISA will be processed?

Also, I have already provided a copy of my passport, passport ID picture, my school records to the company who hired me, prior to the job offer.

Kelly are an outsourcer for companies that don't want to manage staff directly. It seems there are a lot of call centre recruitments going on at the moment, so suggest you contact them direct for further information. It's a different scenario than when the corporate employer is hiring directly and the foreign worker system is slower.

ok.. i read from another forum and from what I understand, here in the Philippines, overseas companies can no longer hire people directly and needs to get a recruitment agency, thus they get agencies like Kelly Services.

I'm just a bit worried, since this is my first overseas job and the first time to go through such processing. i sent the hr i was talking to an email to ask about this and i haven't got any response.

anyway, i'll try again.

thank you!

Hi Gravitas

I followed your advice. I emailed Kelly Services today and fortunately they responded right away.

As per Kelly, they got the hiring company's approval just this morning, so now, they will process my employment contract. They will revert back to me with the contract and documents needed for the EP processing.

which reminds me, what are the documents needed for the EP processing. the EP and Visa costs will be shouldered by the hiring company

Finally received my contract. I've already reverted back the signed ones. So usually, how long does the EP processing takes? My start date was already indicated in the contract.

Probably a minimum of 3-4 weeks. You do need a single entry Visa with Reference (VDR) to enter Malaysia to take up the job. The EP is endorsed after arrival.

You would be responsible to collect the VDR from the Malaysian consulate in home country once the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been issued.

There is the possibility immigration will reject the application from the employer for an employment pass for you, so do be prepared for that scenario.

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