English speaking public schools?

Since I didn't know Bilingo, I also looked at their website, which makes a good impression and presents the concept pretty well. It is VERY unusual in having a school uniform - in fact it's the only school in Germany I know which has them!
There is no mention about the fees (other than that they depend on your income), but you can rest assured that is is NOT EUR400/year - if you get into there for EUR400/month, consider yourself lucky: Most private school cost a multiple of that!

Thanks for the detailed reply. I did clarify the fees. Its 550 euro per month. 80 euro per mnth is lunch fee and yes there is a registration fee of euro 200.
I am out of germany currently and also doing some search on net on this front.
Will also check the links you provided. Thanks again.

At EUR630/month (incl. meals), this is a cheap private school. Many others charge EUR1000 and more.

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