British lady seeking job in Paris


I was wondering if anyone here can help me or offer me advice

I am a 25 year old lady from England. I have an undergraduate law degree, the legal practice course and I am completeing my masters in business law through distance learning. I have had previous roles in international law firms and now work as a Judicial support officer for the Ministry of Justice. I  decided about 3 years ago I no longer wanted to be a solicitor but still want to pursue a career in law in Europe. My preferred destinations are Paris or Brussels.

After about 2 years of applying for jobs abroad mainly in Europe, last summer 2017 I was offered a 6 week unpaid internship in a start up NGO in Paris, working with refugees and promoting human rights. I had the best experience and was trying to find fulltime work to allow me to stay in Paris after my internship. I didn’t have much luck and only had one interview the whole time I was there which was for another internship I was over-qualified for. I was contacted by agencies looking for native English speakers for au pair work or teaching children but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I returned home and decided to keep trying, thinking my positive newly gained international experience would help me and boost my CV.

Unfortunately, it’s almost been 6 months and I’m still having no luck. I speak fluent English and have an intermediate level of French which I am keen to improve. I have kept my options open, even applying for entry level jobs in British companies / law firms where the only required language is English and still no luck. I have adapted my CVs and cover letters to the style required in France.

Please can someone offer me any helpful advice?

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