Soccer for children in Sliema area

Dear all, we are a Swedish family planning to move to Malta in August. Our two boys (6 and 8 years old) love soccer and I therefore wonder if anyone has any good recommendations of soccer clubs/training we could further look into? It’s still early stages in our plans to move but as it seems now, the boys could start either at Newark school or at St. Edwards (the only schools I have found so far without a waiting list for their age groups). We will visit the schools in April and decide afterwards which one would suit our boys best and then look for good area to live (my husbands work is in Sliema). At St Edwards it seems they have good sports facilities but Newark seems more practical as a location, but does not seem to have outdoor training facilities, which should not be that big of a problem if the boys can play soccer or other sports in the area after school. We will likely only be in Malta for one year. Any tips for soccer training etc. will be highly appreciated!! Many thanks, Anne

since you still dont know where you will live, it is hard to give you advice for football clubs

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