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Hi My husband and I are seriously contemplating moving to Thailand from England in the next couple of years.  He is just 60 and I am 58.  We would like to buy a property and live off our state pensions with some money in the bank from the sale of our property in England.  We have holidayed in Thailand many times and would like to live around the Hua Hin area.  My husband takes regular medication and I am wondering how he will access this over in Thailand??  Is there anybody in a similar position to us that has actually made the move?

Hi you as foreigners cannot buy land, but you can form a company that can, you will only own 49% of the company 51% has to be owned by one or more than one Thai. We as foreigners can buy condos. You really need to see a lawyer, there is one I know of down near the Tambaline market they speak good English.

Hi there many thanks for your reply.  We have spoken about forming a company etc and seeking legal advice.

I am interested in finding out how we would access the regular medication my husband takes once we are permanent residents

Hi mrso427, i am a 54yr  lady retiree of two years so far....and for as long as i can see. i am on regular hypertension meds etc. all your meds are available here in thailand. some are same brand some are thai generic. all my meds come from pharmacies in whichever town i have lived in. i. e. nong khai and now Korat city. there is usually one or at least two mega pharmacies that sell everything from meds to wheelchairs etc.
Stay away from Hospital pharmacies unless you have deep pockets.
i have been living here for two years and not had probs getting meds and yes they work ! just remember to budget for them on a monthly basis as when you have to live on a fixed income that is subject to the vagaries of currency fluctuations, it becomes a priority.
hope this helps?😉
p.s. things like diuretics are cheap as chips, i pay 1bht per tab. doxozin is about 450bht for 100tabs and natralix is 225bht for 30tabs or a box. my partner is on irbersartin which is more expensive at 1,100bht for 300mg x28tabs. which they cut in half as they work out cheaper than a box of 150mg, go figure??

extra footnote: bring your prescription slips from the UK . sometimes easier for pharmacist to understand than how we do or dont say the name. most good pharmas understand english versions. 😉

The dummy company thing is basically an end run around the laws of Thailand and they know it, so you are vulnerable if they ever decide to crackdown or close that loophole.  Liquidating assets can be problematic at times so I would not recommend attempting to purchase property.

It is hard to answer the medication question you have posed because it is far too vague.

If  you husband take more then 1 kind of medicine, I advice against going to a "pharmacies Shop" and buy a Thai product of it.
Remember a lot of this shop, People in them have no education or knowledge about medicine, So please be careful...

I did that when i move here, And end up with Thai generic medicine that cancel one of my others Thai generic medicine, I was lucky it was the medicine for my "gouty arthritis" (I think the English words is for it) that got cancel, And as i later found out.

When i got my  "gouty arthritis"  i go to hospital, And when they ask for what kind of medicine i take, I show them the Thai generic medicine i got from the "pharmacies Shop" , And right a way the Doctor say it was a mistake, And told me i was very lucky, If i got the other one, That one was going to cancel my hearth medicine.

So i think, First time go to a hospital, See a Thai Doctor, Get the Doctor to change you medicine to Thai generic medicine, And pay a little bit more for that the first time, And after that you can go to a "pharmacies Shop" and buy the medicine the Doctor tell you, Don´t let them sell you somethings else before checking with you Doctor.

Well that my advice...


Hi polum2 thanks so much for your reply thats really helpful.  Im 58 and my husband is 60.  I would love to chat some more to you about your experience of being a retiree in Thailand

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