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Health insurance, especially inexpensive health insurance is something we all seem to be looking for and have discussed several times on the Forum.

San Ramon had mentioned that he had seen an inexpensive health insurance policy that was offered at some of the private health care providers in the town of San Ramon.  I checked into several and found what I feel is the best one.  It’s odd how cheap it is but I’m using it and it is legitimate.

I went to Jackson Memorial in San Ramon to see a general physician.  After talking about some of the medical procedures that I should have for my age, and then whining about the costs, he suggested that I check into their health insurance plan called Jackson’s Care.

I met with their representative, Yahaira Calderon, (she did approve of my providing her information), and we went over what they offer.  Truthfully I felt like maybe it was a scam.  Simply put, it’s too cheap for what you get. 

The cost of the insurance for a Costa Rica resident who is between the ages of 59 and 84 years  is ¢7,827 ($14.00) per person.  It gives you a 50%-60% discount on all procedures.   One of the procedures I was told I should get is a colonoscopy.  (Yeah, can’t wait 😳)  Their regular cost is ¢180,000 ($318.00).  With the insurance there is a 50% discount.  So I’ll pay ¢90,000 instead of the ¢180,000. ...with a monthly cost of only ¢7,800, you can see why I was skeptical.  If they refer you to a hospital, the same discounts will apply.   The insurance is also available to non-residents for the same price but it has to be paid annually.

The insurance covers most procedures and can be used at a variety of private medical providers throughout the country - 54 different clinics.

The doctor’s with Jackson also work with the CAJA, so if they prescribe something that the CAJA provides, you don’t have to wait for weeks/months to get a CAJA appointment and then spend hours in line to see a CAJA doctor.

If you are interested the person I met with speaks very good English if you need.  Her email address is yahaira.calderon[at]  (Again, she did approve my providing this information online.)

For those with the half empty glasses, no, I am not promoting this, I am not a sales rep, I am not being paid, etc., etc., etc.  I'm just trying to help.   🤓

- Expat Dave

A great article put together by Retireforlessincostarica  on this healthcare provider that seems to offer what many expats would want.

Thank you for great Info..NB .  The email in the article, when I tried it , said was not valid  but  I  sent one to     costarica[at]      I changed the cc to .com.

The email  went out... hopefully to them..Thanks again  great post  K.
Has ANYONE actually USED this Company ? We must  admit it sounds almost "To good to be true "  ..hopefully not...

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