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Hello friends
My name is Poorvi and my husband is relocated to Prague. I will soon be joining him. I wanted to know what are the job prospects for me. I have completed MBA in finance and MPhill in commerce. I also have 3.5 yrs of experience of working in a private bank in India.
Can anyone guide what is the possibility of me getting a job in Prague and in what field considering the language known being only English.

Hi Poorvi Karamchandani,

You will have some useful information here : The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Czech Republic. They are not specific to your situation but it will give you a general idea about the demand and offers.

Make sure that you drop a detailed advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Prague, it might land you an opportunity and read the Work in Prague article, it might be useful for your job search.

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Hello dear,
I would welcome if anybody guide me for the job for retired person in concerned country


@Tulshri > which country you would like to live and work please?

Very much thanks for subsequent reply
I shall do as your guidance

As your directives I shall have try my best, I didn't chosen country, thank for your kind response for my question

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