Convert L visa to Z visa in Shanghai

Hi all

My new company in Shanghai is asking me to apply M / L visa for entry, then continue to apply Z visa in Shanghai.

I would like to know is this doable and safe?

It's possible. However, You WILL need to travel back to your home country to complete your Z-visa. The new rules require that you get a statement of non-criminal background inside your home nation and provide it to the Chinese consulate in your home country. This rule varies from region to region.

A few years ago, this was not necessary. I worked in SZ, and got my Z--visa in Beijing. No travel was required. But times have changed. Be careful.

Hi Vannrox

I guess the travel cost will be on me and its not cheap. If I arrive with L visa, is it possible to apply work permit and residence permit without going back to home country?

hi, it is possible to convert L visa to z visa in Shanghai without going back to your home country. After you obtain working permit notice, you can apply for a temporary visa to stay in Shanghai while applying for work permit. But actually you can apply for work permit notice online before you come to Shanghai. Please note the visa policy is changing all the time. Please contact your company HR or agent before you start. If you need an agent, I can introduce one in Shanghai. Good luck.

Hi Lee & Lee Associates, the agent do apply for work permit notice (and eventually to continue with Z visa at home country) and i believe it is awaiting approval. Due to time constraints, my HR and agent suggested me to get L visa for entry and continue with work and residence permit in Shanghai. I guess my HR do not consider to delay my start date.

I see. so you just need require your agent to help you get a temporary visa to stay in Shanghai while applying for work permit. After you get the work permit, you can change your L visa to residencde permit directly in Shanghai. So you don't need return to home country to apply for z visa.

While i hold L visa during the application period, I believe i cannot work at the company right?

you are right

thanks guy, My company decided to go with Z visa application and push back my application. :-)

good to know that :)

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