Query Regarding Dependent Visa

I have submitted my documents (offer letter & passport etc.) for single entry Visa which is under process, to the hiring company in Malaysia
But i have not provided my Wife & kid's passport since they are yet to be generated, ie., i have applied for their new passport in Bangalore.

Will this create a problem for me later to get them over to Malaysia?



No it is quite normal to apply for the DPs after you arrive in KL. Just remember you will need their Birth Certificates and your Marriage Certificate authenticated etc. (rather like for your driving licence).

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The Malaysian consulates in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai) provide the SEV (not the employer in Malaysia)

You should NOT send your passport anywhere in Malaysia, unless you have already arrived on an SEV to legally take up work in Malaysia. 

Only then it is needed to endorse the EP stamp in it. The employer will require your passport for about 15-30 days.

Please BE CAREFUL of job and immigration scams.

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