looking for a psychologist in Satum Thailand

Hi all.
I'am looking for a good psychologist in Satum Thailand.
Can anyone assist ?
Thanks in advance.

A  psychiatrist is a doctor and scientist who is the business treating mental diseases. Like  a broken mind e. g. insanity, mental breakdown, drug problems etc.  A bit like a GP fixing a broken arm.  Setting the bone, putting the arm in plaster so forth and so on.  He/She usually prescribes various drugs.  These psychiatrists may also have to assess the psychological effect of their patients injury and prescribe the required drugs.

A psychologist is a person who in the business of studying the mind sometimes he/she is also a psychiatrist and a GP.  Can even be a comedian, kindergarten teacher or school careers adviser,  a salesman/woman, hypnotist, advertising agents often have needs of a psychologist to assist human market trends.  Military Generals use psychologists to assess the ability of their own men and the enemy during engagements (modern trend).  The list goes on and on.

Please don't think I am being flippant but seeking out assistants in finding a psychologist or psychiatrist in a public forum like is a very bold request, your need may well be urgent.  Unlike the US and western countries with all their mental health issues there is a mental heath clinic on almost every street corner.  Not so in Thailand.

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