Visa for indonesian national waiting for MM2H

Me and my wife are in the process of getting the MM2H. This could take up to 6 months, in the meantime we thought we could stay in Malaysia and do 1 visa run (right now we aren't in MY yet).

But it turns out that while I get a 3 month visa on arrival, my wife because she is an Indonesian citizen only gets 1 month. We called the Malaysian embassy in Indonesia and they said the only thing you can do is go out of the country every month for at least 1 week, there is no possibility to extend the visa.

Is this true, is there anything else we could do? Flying back and forth once a month doesn't sound that appealing to us.

Nobody who can confirm or deny this?

Normal immigration rules would apply. There is no "special case" while waiting for MM2H approval and stamping of the visa. I think it is possible to extend tourist visas … isit-pass/

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