my concerns about living in Belarus

hey guys
firs of all I am really glad of finding this website which seems to be a good place to chat with u!
My name is Mo, and currently I live in Tehran.
I gonna to migrate to Minsk as far as that seems to be a right place for me regarding to its cost of living and some other elements like safety, having a clean weather (despite of its coldness).
but as u can get from my subject title I have got some concerns about coming there which I really hope u can enlighten me ;)
1) i gonna come there with my whole family including my parents and wife even my siblings and we gonna to set up some new business there (running gym and fitness saloons is our family experts as we are in such stuff for many years). Do you think if this is a good idea to open a good fitness saloon in Minsk and do u think that is going to be profitable for us? what kind of issues do u think we would have in this path?
2) I have heard that Belarus is literally a safe place for everyone (different colors and religions and etc). IS that really true?
3)how much do u think is needed to maintain a standard life for a 4 person family including the rent in a decent area?
3) I have read that it is not possible for foreigners to buy properties in Belarus. Is that really true? let's imagine I gonna buy an apartment, a car, and maybe a place to open my gym there.

I am looking forward to hearing from u soon.

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