Chinese mandarin in Guangzhou

I'm looking for cheap place I can learn Chinese language in Guangzhou for 12 weeks.

I know one education center is so good 12weeks with a group will be 3500 RMB considering cheap price here in GZ. If u r interested i can introduce it to u no problem

Hi Sara
Thank you for helping about Chinese mandarin language, can you tell me how much is going to be (3500RNB) in us dollar please?

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Hi dear

The current rate is 1$ = 6.34 RMB so for 3500 it’s gonna be around 550$

Thank you Sara,
please do introduce me.
I got your msg which was very clear about the exchange rates, so i can see my dream of speaking Chinese is happening.

Your always welcome dear
Sure i can send u all the details no problem plz send me ur contact no. to my mail 137367192[at]

My mail is - lenguyanas[at]

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