What is the rent for 3 BHK and  safety in selangor / cyberjaya area

Property rental is cheaper around Cyberjaya  There may be some transport issues with lack of public transport, but this is being rectified constantly so worth investigating. There is no train line in Cyberjaya but it is served by Putrajaya, some 10-12 km north. The reaction to living in Cyberjaya and nearby Nilai for some foreigners is it is too quiet with insufficient leisure activities and nightlife. The nearest population hub is Puchong. Own transport is potentially a must in Cyberjaya.

Outlying areas in Selangor are also cheaper e.g. Rawang or Semenyih. Generally speaking there are reasonable rents available in parts of Selangor as well. There is definitely no shortage of accommodation to choose from, which does make it a renter market.

Thanks .... So if i were to live in a decent condo in KL central, how far will Cyber be and how do i travel to Cyber....

There is a coach from KL Sentral to Cyberjaya. Here is a list of all the routes - … ageid=3145

But it is a long way - i.e. about 35 km. … ageid=3135

I am also not sure where in Cyberjaya it drops off but there is a map on the first link you can check

The other route would be a train from Sentral to Putrajaya Station then a bus or taxi to the office. I have been at the bus station there and its a bit chaotic. But it may be convenient to coordinate a bus link (I can't say I know much about this)

The fare from Sentral to Putrajaya (its part of the airport shuttle system) is reasonably expensive. … amp;to=PNC

Some more info -

If you plan on having a car, it's quite feasible to drive from Brickfilds/Sentral to Cyberjaya (as it is against the main directional flow of the rush hour traffic). The journey would take 30-40 mins.

Thanks for all info Gravitas.... I found a decent route so I get a place in KL Sentral n then take KLIA to Cyber... is that very tiring? Also are the rents mentioned on sites negotiable?

Rents are sometimes negotiable in some areas - it depends on demand for a particular building/condo.

Getting from Putrajaya/Cyberjaya ERL station (KLIA Transit) can be awkward and time consuming. The train itself is convenient - just the last part of the journey needs planning and thinking about. The last part is about 6km into Cyberjaya

You would need to wait for a bus or shuttle or take a taxi. Journey time is about 1 hour plus door to door

The DTS Bus Service from Sentral exists because of the connectivity issues using the ERL Transit to  Putrajaya.


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